Hunger Games 4 Excerpt

Oh did I say Hunger Games 4 Excerpt? TYPO! I meant to write click here to see some of my other work. It’s just some stuff I wrote. No biggie. Like I’m not trying to force you to click it. I’m just saying if you’re so bored that you’re browsing my site. You might as well look at these too.

Crushable - They give me money for words on the reg.

CollegeCandy – Oh this? I don’t know. It was just my job for two years or something.

Guyism – Just some sarcastic advice to men written in list form that no one really “got.” So basically that experience sums up every discussion I’ve every had with every person ever.

HeavyWell this is almost embarrassing. This is from the very beginning of my now phenomenally successful writing career. But I had to include it. You know, just to make sure that my list of other work has more than 2 links.

And yes, that picture above is definitely me just leisurely typing outside.  It’s one of those weird weather days when I had to wear a scarf (eee cold neck) and capris (eee hot ankles).

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