About Me

I started writing when I was three months old and I never stopped. I published my first novel at six and my first trilogy at nine. In fifth grade I was hired to ghost write a Babysitter’s Club book titled Kristy and the Accidental Tweet. Unfortunately it was never published. By the time I was 13, I’d turned down an HBO series based on my family’s move from Westchester to Tampa 6 times. My notoriety, fame and chronic allergies made high school hard and it didn’t help when Universal bought the movie rights to my LiveJournal. I graduated college with 19 New York Times bestsellers under my belt as well as an inability to read or write in cursive.

Currently I’m the managing editor of women’s content at DEFY Media. Want more specifics? I thought so! I oversee Crushable, The Gloss, Mommyish and Blisstree.

Want to hire me for an obscure freelance job? Great! I write everything from Bat Mitzvah Candle poems to cover letters to assorted blog posts. And I teach beginner blog tutorials that cover everything you need to know to go from regular human being to self-involved blogger! As long as your job won’t end with a Law & Order: SVU episode based on my life, I’m open to everything! Contact me on the contact page to talk seriously about what I can do for you!

Want to know more about me? Follow me on Twitter @MayorJenni and Google Plus.  Into the kinkier stuff? I also have a Linkedin.

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