About Me

Like every young twenty-something living in NYC and working in the media industry, I aspire to be a full-blown spinster.

My parents always say that they knew I was destined to spend the rest of my life living alone. I guess it became a self-fulfilling prophecy after I spent the first thirteen years of my life wearing onesies everywhere. From the ages of fourteen to seventeen I insisted that my family and (online) friends call me Josie Grosie. And by the time I went to college, my parents started introducing me to people as a male exchange student.

And now, I’m living every spinster’s dream. I’m working as a taxidermist’s assistant during the weekdays and filling in for the Wicked Witch at local high school productions of Snow White across the Tri-State area.

When I’m not blowing critic’s minds playing a witch, I’m writing for a living…ish. I’m a fulltime blog editor at a very popular blog. How popular? So popular that 1 out of every 10 people says, “I think I’ve heard of it, maybe, maybe not. Is it a porn site?”

Want to hire me for an obscure freelance job? Great! I write everything from Bat Mitzvah Candle poems to cover letters to assorted blog posts. And I teach beginner blog tutorials that cover everything you need to know to go from regular human being to self-involved blogger!. As long as your job won’t end with a Law & Order: SVU episode based on my life, I’m open to everything! Contact me on the contact page to talk seriously about what I can do for you!

Want to know more about me? Follow me on Twitter @MayorJenni and Google Plus.  Into the kinkier stuff? I also have a Linkedin.

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