My Week In Jonas Brothers Death Threat Tweets

As many of my loyal readers might have noticed, I stopped posting blogs weekly. After writing a weekly column for the last three years (firstĀ on CollegeCandy and then here), I thought I would just keep having semi-interesting things happen to me week after week after week.

Not only am I growing older and not only am I growing much more boring, but I’m also growing much more tired. I write A LOT at my job now (which you can read every single week day) and my brain turns off when I leave work at night.

So forgive me for being too tired to write every single week. Or don’t. Send me hate mail and hate tweets. Just like Jonas Brothers fans do. What’s that? A transition that doesn’t really make sense? Yes, that’s exactly what that is. So last week I wrote a harmless post for work about the Jonas Brothers being has-beens. A simple little post that I expected to rile up a few fans.

Turns out the JoBros have a lot of fans. Angry fans. Fans who are hungry for blood and revenge and murder. I’m all for some Emily Thorne style justice, but these death threat tweets surprised even me with their passion and violence.

So with no further due and no further suspense, here’s what filled up my feed this week:


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